53 Days and Couldn’t Be Happier

Wow! It has been 53 days since I began focusing on immersing my passions into everyday life. What a trip it has been so far, and I say that in the most positive frame of mind. With every leap, hurdle and sprint I take, the more life seems to offer. I truly believe this is because I am focused on MY happiness, rather than taking action focused on how I can please others and what society thinks happiness should be. The only person who really knows how to be happy is you!

There have been a few changes at home and instead of working from the dinning room table, I now have a designated work place 🙂 This way I can distinguish between when I am working and when it’s time to take a break and eat a good meal! I love my work space. I have a great big window to look out of, a lovely green plant in front of me while I type and either peaceful silence or ambient tunes playing depending on my mood. Complete nurturing for the creative mind. On the wall beside me I’ve hung my vision board and I look at this every day. I can see how each little step I take is pushing me closer and closer to my visions becoming a reality.

Market day is coming soon! I was talking with a friend about this the other night and how I feel like I’ve been talking about these markets forever and it still hasn’t happened… the internal frustration is becoming unbearable. My friend however gave me a much-needed reality check. She said ‘Mel, you have been doing so much! I’ve been talking about travelling for years and still haven’t booked my ticket! Take it easy on yourself and know that you are taking the steps to get there.’ She is so right – thanks K 🙂 (Oh, and by the way she booked her ticket yesterday!). With our dreams in mind, some things just take time and it’s different for all of us. How nice it was to receive a reminder to take the pressure off myself, remembering we can only do what we can only do. We will always get there as long as we keep chipping away.

In a few weeks I’m about to sit another course in Psychosomatic Therapy, Body-Mind Analysis. Every time I do the course I feel like I have had an emotional detox! I love it – which is the reason I keep going back for more. Right now however, I’m focusing on detoxing my body through food. Winter is coming to a close and I can feel the difference in the air. Time to brush out the winter hibernation cobwebs and bring back a little vitality into my body. Now when I detox it has nothing to do with not eating – in fact every time I do it I probably eat more than usual! My days are just full of fresh fruit, herbs, veggies, juices, plenty of water, home-made soups and beautiful grains, accompanied by some essential antioxidants to help clean up the toxins. I follow recommendations from Dr Sandra Cabot’s book ‘The Ultimate Detox’. She is a Naturopath and in her book she explains so well and simply about how the body functions and how to detox safely.

So I can proudly say that my decision to change my life is going very well 🙂 I look forward to every day and working away at achieving all my goals, simply because they are all mine! With the right intension we can do anything. Think about what you have been chipping away at and how far you have come – feel free to share if you like!

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