The Best Medicine For Your Online Business

10888899_10154977766930471_111985824102475958_nI’d seen the pictures and heard the buzz, but had no idea how huge the impact of spending time in Bali focusing on my online business would be.

Imagine someone telling you about a great mountain climb and how the view from the top is totally life changing. You are pumped and really want to do it. You start looking around for your hiking boots but can’t find them Continue reading

Techo Tuesday

There is something to be said about working out how to communicate using all the fantastic technology available to us these days. I’m fairly green to the ‘technology’ world – but I think it is more out of fear of information overload that I stay clear rather than anything else. Everything links up and I get confused and overwhelmed by it all. The control freak in me doesn’t like things to upload onto multiple social media platforms automatically (…haha! technical term I learnt a little while ago, it has nothing to do with trains or shoes). However, if you want to start your own business you gotta get jiggy with what’s out there and how it works. Continue reading

Steppin’ Out

Knees! Knobby knees, fat knees, knicker-bocker knees… tiny knees, big knees, stiff and loose knees… locked knees, shaking knees, strong and confident knees… no matter what type of knees you have, we all have them for a reason – to keep us moving from A to B.  Try walking without bending your knees. I’ve just been around the house keeping my knees straight and instantly felt like a robot and started saying ‘ex-terminate…’ from Dr Who! Haha! Isn’t it interesting that as soon as you disable the flexibility from your knees the rest of your body seems to follow suit. My arms and neck also became stiff and I could no longer turn corners with ease. Today I’m bringing awareness to the ‘knees’ and exploring the links between your knees and how you walk through life. Continue reading

53 Days and Couldn’t Be Happier

Wow! It has been 53 days since I began focusing on immersing my passions into everyday life. What a trip it has been so far, and I say that in the most positive frame of mind. With every leap, hurdle and sprint I take, the more life seems to offer. I truly believe this is because I am focused on MY happiness, rather than taking action focused on how I can please others and what society thinks happiness should be. The only person who really knows how to be happy is you! Continue reading

Days 3, 4 & 5 Psychosomatics – The Cat is out of the Bag

Confidence. For me, confidence is where a person has such a strong will and sense of personal identity that they will go forth and seize each day, taking action to reach their goals, aiming to be the best that they can be. Over the last three days of my Psychosomatic Therapy course I have realised how much I crave to be confident and that it is the only thing holding me back. Continue reading

Toil and Trubble… or just Bubbles?

Tick tock, tick tock goes the work clock. I’m down to one more day at work. Yiiikarreddooe! From Monday I officially start my 12 month sabbatical. So how do I feel now? Well, I’m drinking a glass of wine looking up at the wall at my to-do-list. Hmmm… yes, looking at the wall… not do-ing anything. Continue reading

Me, Myself and Meditation

Every day brings new challenges, and yesterday was no exception. For the first time ever I found myself running away from a place of tranquillity, peace and warmth. I couldn’t get away from that beautiful set out meditation room fast enough. I love meditating. I love floating out the door on what feels like the tips of my toes. I love freeing my mind from the build up of clutter and confusion. I love the quiet. Continue reading

Bloggers Bludge

Arrrggghhh! So I’m already falling off the wagon. Back to the blog!

I used to do boxing. I loved it. I’d head down to the local PCYC for two or three classes a week at my peak. Punching bags, hitting that speed ball till I’m sure it would fly off its hook. Then there was the ring. Jumping in was a little daunting at first, but sparing with Patrick Moore the trainer was such a rush. The sound of my gloves hitting pads echoing through the hall and drops of sweat smashing the ground… Continue reading