The Best Medicine For Your Online Business

10888899_10154977766930471_111985824102475958_nI’d seen the pictures and heard the buzz, but had no idea how huge the impact of spending time in Bali focusing on my online business would be.

Imagine someone telling you about a great mountain climb and how the view from the top is totally life changing. You are pumped and really want to do it. You start looking around for your hiking boots but can’t find them Continue reading

Chicken Connection

Yesterday a chicken came to my front door. This may seem usual if you live on a farm, or have chickens of your own, but I live in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane… only 7kms to the heart of the city! This chicken was so friendly, coming straight up to me and following me around the yard. Although I wasn’t sure if she was going to peck me or just stand next to my feet. Then I noticed another chicken! Two chickens in my yard! Continue reading

53 Days and Couldn’t Be Happier

Wow! It has been 53 days since I began focusing on immersing my passions into everyday life. What a trip it has been so far, and I say that in the most positive frame of mind. With every leap, hurdle and sprint I take, the more life seems to offer. I truly believe this is because I am focused on MY happiness, rather than taking action focused on how I can please others and what society thinks happiness should be. The only person who really knows how to be happy is you! Continue reading

Face to Face

The universe is an amazing place you know – and when all the planets line up for that moment in time, life could be described as pure bliss. The more we let go of the things we no longer need, the more room we make for opportunity, self expansion and our own happiness. A little over a week ago I was asked if I would like to do Face Reading at Brisbane’s annual Body Mind Spirit Festival. Initially I thought ‘Really? You want me?’, but I quickly changed that thought to ‘Yes!’ and grabbed the opportunity. Continue reading

Days 6 to 10 Psychosomatics – Light Bulb Moment

Right now I feel like I have just found the switch to life. It has become apparent to me just how long I have been wondering around in the dark. Sometimes there has been someone to hold my hand guiding my way, and many times I’ve let go to see if I could do it on my own – only to stub my toe and trip over! Getting up again, I’d try and remember the mistakes I had made to get ahead a little further. The hand would reach down to help me up, but in my own stubbornness, ignorance or perhaps fear of looking a little deeper I would quickly let go of the helping hand to try it on my own once more, inevitably tripping over again. Continue reading

Possum Pep Talk

I sat down on the front porch this evening after my day at work, just breathing in the fresh air and contemplating my day. I was sitting in the dark which was a little unusual, but the moon was bright so I didn’t need to put the light on. I love looking out into the distance and feeling grateful for all that I have now and what tomorrow will bring. I pondered the miraculous, and how good advice can come when you least expect it. Usually when you need it the most. Continue reading