It’s Written All Over Your Face

When you look at the photo attached, can you see three people or just one? Would you believe it is the same person (me), on the same day even though each of them looks totally different?! It’s like going to a family party and looking around the room. Each person has their own look, but you can tell they are related. I’m sharing this photo with you to demonstrate how different our feminine and masculine sides can be.

Many of you would have heard at some point the term ‘getting in touch with my feminine side’. Everyone does in fact have a masculine and feminine side… quite literally. Even the most testosterone filled footy player has a feminine side, and the most pretty and petit ballerina has a masculine side. Unless they are aware of it, they will have no idea that it is written all over their face.

This photo is demonstrating the difference we can have between our feminine and masculine sides. The original photo of me in the centre was split down the middle and a mirror image was made of the right side to show my masculine face, and the left side to show my feminine face. Amazing ey!

So why does everyone have a masculine and feminine side? For the majority it is obvious by our bodily bits that we are either a man or a woman, so surely we would either be masculine or feminine… but this is not so. For us to function as human beings at our full potential there must be a balance between our masculine and feminine qualities.

A good comparison of this is relationships. When a man and woman start going out and begin a relationship together they bring to the table both masculine and feminine traits. This can also be seen in same sex relationships.

If we jump right back to the hunters/gatherer era of our time, men would hunt for food and protect the colony. While the women would nurture the young, prepare food and look after the ‘nest’. This simplistic way of living has evolved over centuries, however you can draw the some similarities in a general sense in our relationships today.

The point of this example is that for life in a relationship to keep moving forward with momentum, the use of both feminine and masculine qualities are required. Imagine if relationships were dominated by only ‘hunter’ traits, you may be able to hunt for your food but you wouldn’t know how to cook it! It is sustainable for a short time, but not long term.

As an individual we have a masculine and feminine side for the same reason. To be able to keep moving forward and with momentum we need to have both masculine and feminine qualities to some degree. The trick is to get the balance right. Each side has different traits, the masculine on the right side is the mental, active, determined and structured side full of logic. While the feminine side, the left side, is the emotional, reactive, creative and flexible side that is full of ideas.

In my photo it is pretty clear there is a difference between my masculine and feminine sides. To start with my masculine side looks much younger and fresh. It conveys a sense of knowing what action to take and is full of confidence. Then when you take a look at my feminine side, to me it looks like an old lady! There is a strong feeling of tiredness in my feminine side. There is a lot more tissue around the face and check out the bags under the eyes. This is a sign that I’m not allowing myself to express my creativity and true emotions when they need to come out. I’ve been holding on to these for a very very long time.

On a personal note, I am getting better at this as I bring my awareness on a daily basis to both my feminine and masculine sides. I have so far had four photos like these taken, this one being the last. In my first original photo it looked like my feminine and masculine sides weren’t even talking to each other – what a great relationship! But over time I can see my masculine side starting to soften giving my feminine side a bit more room to move.

By bringing my awareness to how I use my masculine and feminine sides, eventually I will have pretty much the same three people looking back at me when I have a face split photo taken. Check yourself out in the mirror and see if you can notice any differences 😉

4 thoughts on “It’s Written All Over Your Face

  1. It’s crazy – its the total opposite here. My left side looks waaay better, while my right side looks 10 years older. I already know that I need to embrace my masculine side, but this is a fact I can’t ignore.

    I hope you worked on your emotional side 🙂


    • Hey Timo, great that you are becoming aware! When your left side seems to be the more dominant it can mean that you have come in with a real strong Soul purpose – make sure you don’t run yourself ragged trying to achieve what you’ve come here to do 😉

      If you have any more q’s just let me know!

      Mel 🙂

  2. Hey Mel,

    I saw this post the other day and i’m glad you shared your experience. For me i have a very confident bright and shining left side and my right one seems more tired, the eye is also more downward shaped while the left eye has an upward edge. Someone actually told me that the right side of the face represents the feminine… hmm.. i do feel personally that for me it’s more about embracing the masculine practical traits.. but it also seems that my left side of the face or the left eye is more connected with my mind, it reacts to my thoughts, while my right eye reacts only to things my heart feels.. I guess it’s all just about balancing, but i just wanted to express, maybe hear your thoughts about it.

    Thank you and have a good day 🙂

    • Hi Teaba,

      Thank you so much for sharing ❤ Without seeing your face it is difficult, however from your description I can perhaps provide some ideas to ponder. Most modalities I have come across do also follow that the left side of the body is the feminine and the right is masculine ~ however, I do feel it's important to go with what you feel. My comments below are based on your left being feminine, as this is what I have been taught.

      You said that your right eye is more downward shaped… this could present a couple of things: humanitarian traits and/or that your masculine is tired – either tired from not having as much 'air time' as your feminine, or tired from having to keep up with your feminine energy.

      You mentioned your left eye has a more upward slant… which for me represents you have come into this world with a very strong Soul's purpose which may not always understand what is required to make things happen in our 'material world' on earth. When there is a very strong Soul purpose like this it can be moving forward much faster than what is 'physically' possible, and that's where sometimes feelings such as frustration can become to come in.

      This is why it's important for your masculine and feminine energy to build a relationship together – and where we can begin to feel the balance. Knowing when it's time for either energy to shine in the front seat… and when it needs to take a back seat as well.

      I hope this has added some insight for you! It sounds to me you are already listening to your own wisdom, which is absolutely perfect ❤

      Big love,
      Melanie xo

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