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Welcome to my trip of turning my passions into a life that I love. I have been through rigorous training for the past 35 years in preparation for what I’m about to do.

Experience in truly following my instincts of what I loved and to understand what that feels like. For me this was hanging out with friends, intuition, dreaming, music, art, sport, making stuff that’s good for you, astrology, tea leaf reading and questioning where I would travel to in the world… all the fun and yummy stuff in life (well for me anyway!).

With full gusto and excitement I was an early bird eager to leave the nest, heading overseas on exchange to Sweden at the age of 16. Already aware of the social norms, I vividly remember thinking “I can be who ever I want to be for a whole year! No one knows me. I can be the real me.”

Arriving home was a shock, more than moving to a foreign country. Everything had stayed the same… what the? No time to ponder on that for too long though, as the next question was what you want to do with your life? I had to make a decision quick! And that’s how I ended up in an office.

I have to admit, I’ve worked in some pretty amazing offices in my time, from the 53rd floor to sweeping views of Sydney Harbour. At times it was pretty sweet. However, it never made up for the 40+ hours of sitting, processing and updating systems over and over again. Sometimes looking busy when you’re not, stuffing myself with coffee and muffins to make me feel good – or better still drinking like a fish at least 3 times a week to numb the emptiness.

So… much… time… I… could… be… doing… something… else.

It went something like this ‘I’m so fricken over it. Surely there is more to life than this!’. Google. Find a live in job in Europe. Get excited. Think I may as well go for a while if I’m going to go. Start looking at flights. Ouu look… flight booked – I’m leaving this crazy joint!

Travelling was awesome! Experience amazing! Now I have no money. Guess I better get back to the office… walk in the door with fingers crossed, hoping it will be different this time. Note: this training can take a few years to understand. To hightail learning remember ‘Things never change by doing the same’ & ‘You create your own reality’.

Ouu the deep waters of reflection. Many choose not to go here for fear of what they may find. Just for the record I had many gremlins in my closet keeping me from loving life and yes, working through them did turn my world upside-down and around with a perfect corkscrew twist. Do I regret it?… absolutely 100% never! Best work I’ve ever done.

Who am I? What do I really want? Time to start writing a new chapter. Hint: Re-visit Step 1 to assist defining what you love and what you want.

Time to take responsibility for myself. No one actually dictates what I can or cannot do. I choose to be part of a system. If that system does not honour me and my values, then time to find one that does, or better still – create my own. Nothing is ever anyone else’s fault. It’s my responsibility how I react to things and how I take action.

And this brings me to the final step… Living a life that I love! For me right now, this is living on a tropical island, having the time to look after my health and my body, doing work that I love and travelling the world.

Why am I writing this blog? Well, because I love writing and I love sharing my experiences and it makes me feel good. If you love something do it!

Create and be great

Mel xo

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Face Reading, Schmace Reading – Review From A Skeptic

LorettaShe has such a lovely, expressive face herself. All I can think is, “This is such bull.” But I don’t feel I mistrust her; quite the contrary. And then there’s the glowing endorsement of a mutual friend. And the fact that I promised myself that, upon opening this new chapter of life in Bali, I’d say, “Yes” to everything possible. Yes Woman, experiencing life to the max. And after all, what’s the worst that could happen? If I glean no new insights from a face reading, it’s not so bad as a poke in the eye!

So, another perfect afternoon in paradise, with white clouds puffing lazily across the sky and the sun making the rice paddy gleam brightest emerald. We sit across the tiny table in my residence, while the insects sing, “life-life-life-life-life.”

I feel a bit scared. Face reading, schmace reading. I have me mother’s jawline and my dad’s nose, and ears from who-knows-where—and I don’t feel that I’m much like any of them! I’m so completely different, how can this possibly make sense?

But—what if she looks at my face and reads there all my confused, messy—and to me, precious—interior which I guard, so that I feel naked and exposed? Yet, there’s the strong urge to be seen and known…And, what the twaddle?! I feel a twinge of anger. If it’s all crap, then why am I worried about any of this?

Do I have to take off my glasses?

No, that’s OK.

Good—I’m a completely different (blind and confused) person without them. Nervous laughter.

A settling in. She begins.


In my view, all healers and readers should have voices as kind, and yet matter-of-fact, as Melanie. It’s very reassuring. I start to relax.

Over the next hour, she goes from forehead to cheeks, to eyes, to nose, and in seeming ease reflects to me many things I know to be true, raises questions I feel are worth exploring, and—most disconcertingly—describes some things about my life that no one but a close friend could know. What-the-twaddle?!

So, I’m taking away what I can. What’s worthwhile. I have a lot to think about here that’s challenging and helpful. I haven’t a clue why this seemed to make sense. I’ve not stopped being a skeptic, but I hear myself pronouncing a mantra I’ve repeated a lot here in Bali:

I just don’t know and probably never will; but I’m suspending disbelief in order to be in the moment and accept the good that comes my way.


Bio PicLoretta Rose works internationally providing facilitation, training, curriculum development, and writing—mainly for humanitarian organizations. She’s also a serial entrepreneur, with emerging ventures Ideas Match, eBook Hero, Insight Engine, Change Train, and Your Story World.


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