The Challenge

Christmas Eve 2011:  I sit on my balcony with my head in my hands. I made it… just. I feel bloated and heavy. My eyes are tired, my neck and shoulders ache with stress. The adrenaline from working ridiculously hard for the last six months is still pumping through my body.

How did I get here? Oh that’s right – the perfect job fell into my lap. I got what I had been wishing for all this time and so easily, but turns out it isn’t really making me happy. The saying ‘be careful what you wish for…’ is running over and over in my head.

New Years Resolution 2012:   To be nothing other than happy in my work! To feel completely satisfied with my contribution to the world, and to make a decent living from it.

Mel’s Empire is a blog following my journey of taking the passions in my life and using them to live a happier and more satisfied existence in the world… all while making awesome moola! It will prove that you do create the world around you, and will inspire, motivate and educate others to do the same. Everybody can make it doing what they love.

June 2012 starts the beginning of my sabbatical. 12 months to lay the foundations for making a living from everything and anything that I love doing best.

I have the books, I have the nouse, I have the creativity, compassion and drive. I have faith in the universe as well as a loving family, friends and mentors all around me.

What’s more to say?… let’s do it! 🙂

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