Steppin’ Out

Knees! Knobby knees, fat knees, knicker-bocker knees… tiny knees, big knees, stiff and loose knees… locked knees, shaking knees, strong and confident knees… no matter what type of knees you have, we all have them for a reason – to keep us moving from A to B.  Try walking without bending your knees. I’ve just been around the house keeping my knees straight and instantly felt like a robot and started saying ‘ex-terminate…’ from Dr Who! Haha! Isn’t it interesting that as soon as you disable the flexibility from your knees the rest of your body seems to follow suit. My arms and neck also became stiff and I could no longer turn corners with ease. Today I’m bringing awareness to the ‘knees’ and exploring the links between your knees and how you walk through life.

Our knees hold Solar Plexus energy. What on earth does that mean I hear you ask?! Well our Solar Plexus energy centers (or chakras) are all about personal identity, confidence, courage, authority and self-esteem to name a few. The related colour is yellow. The reason why this energy is linked to our knees is because our knees give us the ability to step forward, or step out in life. Makes sense ey!

Think about when you have felt self-confident and sure about what you were doing. Did it feel easy to literally walk out into the world and take action? Then think of an opposite scenario where maybe you felt a little frightened and fear had taken over your self-confidence. How did you react to taking action then? Some of us still have the ability to step out and take action when facing fears, but for others it’s not so easy. To keep it simple, for this post I’m going to discuss two different kinds of knees: locked knees and unlocked knees.

Locked knees mean that when you stand up in your normal relaxed position your knees easily push back, locking them. This can be identified by the leg looking like a bow from the side. Sometimes one leg may lock back further than the other. Locked knees can mean that you may find it difficult to take action in life. Depending on which knee it is, right or left, you can begin to identify if this difficulty is related to your masculine or feminine side. Check out my previous post It’s Written All Over Your Face to find out more about masculine and feminine sides of the body.

Locked knees doesn’t necessarily mean that you find it difficult to take any action at all, it can just highlight that it may take more effort from you to take that action. If your knee is locked, it physically has to unlock itself first before stepping forward. This will take more effort than a knee that is not locked.

I’ve got locked knees and have been working on changing this. Much easier said than done considering I’ve had locked knees for over 30 years!… but I keep practicing whenever I can. I’ve noticed that when I’m standing, if I keep my body weight in the balls of my feet rather than my heels, my knees naturally stay unlocked. It was hard to get used to at first, but it’s getting easier every day. I know I can change this habitual habit to make my life feel effortless. I’ve just got to retrain my body.

As locked knees can mean it is difficult to take action in life, unlocked knees can basically mean the opposite of that. It may mean that you find it relatively easy to take action without hesitation. That’s not to say that you feel confident or self assured all the time, but when you know you have to do something you just step out into the world and do it 🙂

If you are keen to find out about what other body part’s can mean in relation to your life, check out my Seed To Soul facebook page. Let’s start waking up, understanding and become aware of what our bodies are trying to tell us!

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