Techo Tuesday

There is something to be said about working out how to communicate using all the fantastic technology available to us these days. I’m fairly green to the ‘technology’ world – but I think it is more out of fear of information overload that I stay clear rather than anything else. Everything links up and I get confused and overwhelmed by it all. The control freak in me doesn’t like things to upload onto multiple social media platforms automatically (…haha! technical term I learnt a little while ago, it has nothing to do with trains or shoes). However, if you want to start your own business you gotta get jiggy with what’s out there and how it works.

I’ve noticed another reason that I tend to put off just getting into it, is because I want it all to be perfect! These days social media moves so fast that there is no time for complete perfection. You know, I’d love to have my own Seed To Soul website and email address, but as a start up you need to use what’s available to you! And it must be said there is plenty out there to be utilised for free.

A wise woman said to me the other day that we can get easily caught up and focus on the things that are stopping us from moving ahead. Those things could be something as small as having the ‘ideal’ email address. We need to believe in ourselves that it will all come… you just gotta get out there in the first instance! If you wait to long you might miss an opportunity up the road. Don’t they say things get better with age… that would include business!

So in saying that, today I’m sending out my first Seed To Soul newsletter. I think it looks great and it’s a milestone for me 🙂 A few headaches were had between working out PDFs, JPEGs, embedding into emails and computers crashing… but as they say ‘Google it!’ and all will become known. If you would like to join the Seed To Soul mailing list please email

Would love to hear from you – take care! x

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