Heel Digger Alert

Over the last couple of weeks a little voice has been tapping me on the shoulder. I’m sure most of us have heard it… it’s that one where you know what it’s saying is true, but for what ever reason you ignore it because apparently there are ‘too many other things to do’. This is a common excuse used for delaying the awareness of what our inner spirit is telling us. Your inner truth will tell you simply, at first, through thought form. However, if we choose not to listen… sure enough it will turn up in your body.

Today’s wake up call: very painful right heel, dry, hard and cracked! Oh dear….

This morning I went for a walk, as that’s when I do my best thinking, and sure enough I came to understand what is going on for me at the moment:

Self Diagnosis: Heel Digger!
Painful, dry, hard and cracked heels. This can relate to feelings of exaggerated determination, false sense of support, fear and anxiety. Our feet should be nice, soft and supple so they can feel the energy coming up through the earth enabling our toes to feel where we are going. Remember that the crowns of our toes are the first parts of our body to head into the unknown.

The heel holds two chakra energy centers: Base and Sacral. The Base Chakra is connected to feeling secure and supported when moving ahead with our purpose in life. The Sacral Chakra is connected to feelings around nurturing ourselves, creativity and sensuality and being able to ‘birth’ (express) our true inner creative ideas and feelings.

We can tend to ‘dig our heels’ in when we are not feeling a sense of support within, and I can identify with this completely at the moment. We are taught that we need support around us to be able to get through life from a very young age – the basics being a place to live and food to eat. To be able to get this there is usually a connection with money. If we do not have these basics in our life we can start to become fearful of what will happen to us. Our imagination can fuel the fear and anxiety around the prospect of being out in the elements with nothing to protect or nourish us.

It is interesting that my cracked heel is only on my right foot, the masculine side of my body that relates to determination, action and structure in life. I am pushing my boundaries in all of these areas at the moment and for me, I must admit, there is also a lot of fear connected.

For most of us it would be easy to understand when change occurs in life, fear is associated with it, especially when the change is connected to how we will be supported (food and shelter). Perhaps this is why we can find shifts like moving house, changing jobs or the ending of a relationship the most stressful times in our lives – because they relate to how we feel supported.

Going back to the little voice I have been hearing – it has been telling me to ‘practice what I preach’. I have been reading so many faces and seeing that so many of us are forgetting to tap into our feminine aspect, making sure we are giving ourselves the time and space to nurture, create and express our true feelings. Continuing to do, do, do and digging our heels in (being stubborn) about looking after ourselves as a priority, rather than everyone else is just not sustainable. We will at some point become exhausted and even wake up one morning with a cracked and painful heel that you hadn’t even noticed developing in the weeks leading up.

So today I cancelled everything. I cancelled my to-do list, my commitments and appointments. I stopped to breathe. I stopped and listened to what my inner spirit really wants me to do right now. It is time to nourish myself, give myself the time to write down my creative ideas and work out how I can express these into the world to the best of my ability. The word ‘flexibility’ comes to mind when writing about the feminine energy. Be flexible and loosen yourself up to the world you live in, otherwise you may become hard, worn and brittle. Walk on the balls of your feet first rather than the heels, to help keep you going with the flow rather than stubbornly avoiding it. Trust what lies ahead.

Listen to your body. Stop to understand what it is bringing to your awareness and act on that. Remember, the more you ignore the louder the message will become! 🙂

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