How To Receive a Miracle

Miracles 2I would really love to meet someone who has made a huge change in their life and didn’t experience any type of stress or anxiousness before it happened. If that’s you, then touche¬ī my friend! But for the majority of us it’s just a reality of change and I am no exception to that rule! Continue reading

Techo Tuesday

There is something to be said about working out how to communicate using all the fantastic technology available to us these days. I’m fairly green to the ‘technology’ world – but I think it is more out of fear of information overload that I stay clear rather than anything else. Everything links up and I get confused and overwhelmed by it all. The control freak in me doesn’t like things to upload onto multiple social media platforms automatically (…haha! technical term I learnt a little while ago, it has nothing to do with trains or shoes). However, if you want to start your own business you gotta get jiggy with what’s out there and how it works. Continue reading

Day 1 & 2 Psychosomatics – Coming Home

I love psychosomatics! I could live and breathe this stuff for the rest of my life. Seriously… I could. Actually, let’s do one better than that – I will ūüôā¬† It changes the perspective you take on yourself and the every day events in your life, from the smallest to the largest. I already feel like I’ve made a number of realisations about myself and it’s only been two days. My outlook on life couldn’t be better and that’s because I know I’ve come home. Continue reading

What’s The Plan Stan?

It was a wonderfully wet weekend, so I took the opportunity to plan. I grabbed some paper and pens,¬†writing¬†down all the bits and pieces flying around in my head. Finally I¬†had them¬†grouped and a list of¬†what I needed to get stuck into first. It took ages! I’m now the proud owner of time schedules¬†(complete with¬†shiny¬†stars) and to-do lists. But the one thing¬†I forgot to plan for were the¬†dips and trips that life presents us. Continue reading