How To Receive a Miracle

Miracles 2I would really love to meet someone who has made a huge change in their life and didn’t experience any type of stress or anxiousness before it happened. If that’s you, then touche´ my friend! But for the majority of us it’s just a reality of change and I am no exception to that rule!

I’m very conscious of the fact that when you witness someone else make an awesome lifestyle change, whether that be moving, getting a new job or learning something new, it can look like it’s a piece of cake from the outside. However the truth is, there will be a whole lot you don’t know about going on in the background. It takes a whole lot of courage and resilience to change ways of living. After all we are creatures of habit and I would like to acknowledge everyone out there who has made a lifestyle change or even given it a go – you are amazing people!

While moving through change miracles always help and are a beautiful reminder that you are on the right track. Here are my three sure fire ways to open yourself up to a miracle during times of change:

  1. Be clear with why you are making the change. Is it something that you know will enhance your life and is it in alignment with who you are and what you love.
  2. Detach yourself from outcomes and expectations. If it happens that’s great, but if it doesn’t that’s ok too – trust that you will be provided with whatever you need. Oh, and stop worrying about it!
  3. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude. Be grateful for everyone and everything in your life. Do something for someone else just because. On the day of my miracle I also left two valid parking tickets in the machine for someone else to use.

Here is the story of my miracle that still today I am so thankful for!

Let me know the miracles you have experienced by commenting below or send me a message on Facebook. Here’s to many more miracles coming our way.

Mel xo

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