No Longer Blogless

ImageI am back.

And it feels so good!!

Interesting, today marks the beginning of 2014 Year of the Horse and I’ve just realised that for the majority of 2013 Year of the Snake, I was blogless… which is not as uncanny as it first may seem.

The year of the Snake was all about personal transformation, keeping low to the ground, shedding the skins of stories, emotions and beliefs that were no longer necessary. I feel like I have grown from a tiny bubba snake into a 12 meter python in the last 12 months! It was not all easy and yes, there were growing pains.

During times of deep realisation, awareness and release came absolute vulnerability, which is the reason why I retreated from sharing my experience on this blog. The expectations I held against myself, the ‘image’ I wanted to create and anxiety around what other people thought were massive. I thought, how could I have a blog called Mel’s Empire associated with my professional business… it sounds a bit self centred. I thought, how could I let people know what is happening with me? What person would come see a therapist that hasn’t got it all together? All these expectations and presumptions were running around me like wild baboons and in my vulnerability… I froze.

Transformation isn’t always easy. In fact some times it just f*cking hurts either emotionally or physically. Which I guess is why some of us get through it while others shy away. You can read as many books as you like, and agree and love the learnings and insights, but to really transform is to dig deep when you hit that wall and be willing to explore, experience and take full responsibility for yourself and your actions.

So on that note I would like to say this year will be different. I understand the value with me sharing my own experiences with you, because no one is perfect, not even therapists… and what is perfect anyway?

What I do know is that I have plenty to share and the Year of the Horse is about getting out and showing the world who you are! The year will be fast, full of change, with a focus on spiritual awakening and personal health. A wonderful time to re-vitalise Mel’s Empire. I’m digging deep and can feel my raw and powerful inner goddess beginning to emerge.

Mel’s Empire is not about me building a fortress… it’s about building a strong foundation for sharing, inspiring and educating others to find their life’s purpose, re-connect with their Soul, bring about more peace and happiness, and help make a difference in the world.


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