Standing at Hell’s Gates

7417287372_411cf2ce17_zIntuition. It plays a huge part of who we are and how moments in our life come to pass. It was a Friday, I had a huge to-do-list of planning for the year ahead, however I found myself continuously looking out my office window. My body was pulling to go for a walk in nature and my mind was playing guilt trips on me ‘you really should be doing this…’. But of course knowing what I know, I couldn’t ignore the pull and promptly turned off the computer and headed towards the national park.

When I started walking I had this energy pulsating through me, like I was angry or something, but I wasn’t angry at anything or anyone. I thought to myself that it was just built up energy that needed to be released… little did I know that there was more to this ‘walk in the park’ than meets the eye as you’ll later find out. As I made my way down the track I stopped to watch the amazing turquoise ocean waves rolling in. The colours were just amazing… nature is so beautiful and it functions so freely with absolutely no mindiness (is that even a word?!). The sea doesn’t have a mind, the wind doesn’t have a  mind, trees don’t have a mind, they all just go and grow with the natural flow.

So I started making the connection between going with the flow and my business. Thinking that this year I will make a conscious effort not to force things to happen, and let things go with the flow. Also knowing that the universe will provide…  hmm, I started to stumble on that thought. If the universe was supposed to provide then why do we struggle at times? And then my philosophical self kicked in and realised that perhaps the struggle comes when we don’t go with the flow and when the flow stops instead of looking for an alternative we have a tantie, or we fall into an anxiety attack that is based on fear. Ouuu… that one DID sounded familiar. Fear based thinking: how will I pay the bills? what will happen if I can’t do this or that? The if’s and what’s can be so monotonous!

Right at that moment I came around the bend towards the headland to see a serge of powerful ocean rising up high against the cliff face and the wind began to pick up. I was right on the cliff’s edge and there was a sign warning me that there were no fences to protect me. Even though these were all in my peripheral I was taking note. I continued to walk straight into the wind using all of my energy and I realised what all my boiling energy was about. I was angry! I was angry at myself for continuing to have tanties and falling into a fear based reaction every time something I wanted didn’t go to plan. So I decided to have it out with universe… I wanted to work with it, not against it!

With strong strides I reached the tip of the headland which ironically was called ‘Hell’s Gates’. We are all supposed to be afraid of hell right? Well not I! The wind was coming at me so strong that it was pushing me backwards, waves were crashing heavily against the rocks that you could hear the earth rumble. On any other day I actually would have been scared, but not this day. Being fearful seemed completely absurd! I found my footing and felt the strength in my legs to hold my ground against mother nature. I raised my arms and I yelled ‘I’m not afraid any longer!’.


In that moment I experienced so much freedom, so much respect for mother earth and her elements and made peace with the universe. From now on we work together and I must trust, and through that trust the universe will provide.

As I backed away from the cliff’s edge I could feel every cell in my body tingling. My body knew more than my mind what needed to be released. I sat by a bolder and watched the powerful sea with a smile on my face knowing that with holding respect for what this world can offer us, it will return it back. It’s just got to be a win-win…so no more tanties and hitting thy head up against a brick wall. If it doesn’t flow look for the space where it does.

I began to walk back in a state of amazement. This world is truly amazing and you never know what will happen when you just follow your intuition instead of your head.

Respect Mother Earth xx

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