KISS… Keep It Simple Sweetheart


I was reminded indirectly the other day to Keep It Simple Sweetheart. KISS, the best word ever! I have never forgotten this acronym since someone mentioned it to me years ago. (Just for a bit of trivia I also heard on the radio that humans kiss for an average of 14 days straight during their lifetime… totally off topic, but I thought it was interesting!)

The world is such an amazing place with so many possibilities and opportunities. Butterflies pop in my stomach and a big smile appears on my face in wonder whenever I think about it! However, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide when to hold and when to fold, or even how big to dream.

If you are anything like me (long faced, see me for a face reading and I’ll tell you more…) you have this ability to step into a different world called your imagination and you just dream and dream and dream. You start off small and then it gets bigger and bigger and before you know it you aren’t just restoring the odd bit of furniture for fun, you are running the biggest restoration business in the country!

Reality check.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of those dreams, the difference is what do you really want. If you closed your eyes and listened to your heart, what do you really want your life to look like. What does success mean to you? Is it to be the biggest and the best? Is it to earn an income from what you love? Is it to have the work life balance that you so desire?

If things begin to overwhelm you, then take a reality check and KISS. Sit down for a moment and listen to your heart. Feel the beat, the breath, and how your physical body reacts when you imagine different scenarios. Listen to your body, it’s telling you where you need to be, and then… go for it! And remember, we all had to start somewhere. Be kind to yourself, learning to listen to your body is like learning a new language. If you need a hand seek some assistance, there are so many amazing practitioners, workshops, meditations and courses popping up all over the place to assist you with learning how to really tap in and listen to your body.

Listen to your bodyMy mantra for April is ‘Keep it simple, be centred and stay in tune’.

‘I am moving to a new level.
I radiate success & I prosper wherever I turn.
All is well!’
Welcomed with open arms from Louise Hay

2 thoughts on “KISS… Keep It Simple Sweetheart

  1. I have definitely found the value in keeping it simple! Life is already complicated and overwhelming on its own, there’s no need to make it any more difficult than it needs to be. We can all stand to weed out some of the ” necessary complicators” in our lives. Great post!

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