The Magic Mirror

Different conversations this week have led to the subject of ‘Magic Mirrors’. This year I have had many encounters with the ‘Magic Mirror’ as I start to understand my body properly and my self-awareness heightens. The first few encounters can be very confronting, however as you begin to understand how it works, it is one of the most powerful tools of self-development available to you every single moment of each day.

What is the ‘Magic Mirror’?  The ‘Magic Mirror’ works just like a normal mirror, providing a reflection of you. The difference is that the mirror is actually the people around you. Every reaction you have to someone is a reflection of yourself – be it good or bad. At first this can be a little hard to grasp. How on earth could my reaction to someone doing something I don’t like, be a reflection of me?

Perhaps we’ll start with the positive. Think of someone who is an inspiration for you. Could be a loved one, could be a work colleague, could be a teacher, could be someone world-famous. With a picture of them in your mind, how do you feel when you look at them? Do they make you smile, stand up tall and believe you can do anything? However they make you feel it is a reflection of you. You can identify with that person because a part of them is in you. You have the ability to be just as inspirational as they are. You have the ability to make others feel as good and happy as they make you feel. It’s the blocks that we put in our path that we need to work on to allow us to express that inspiration to others.

Ok, so the same goes for the opposite – the negative reactions we have to others. Probably the most easy to identify are those reactions we have towards loved ones like your partner, brothers and sisters, mums and dads. What ever the essence is of that negative reaction we are having towards someone, for example getting angry, feeling hurt or sad, that reaction is trying to tell us something about ourselves.

For example I used to get so angry, hurt and upset if I was expecting someone to call and they didn’t. It used to drive me up the wall and I’d sit in that world of pain for such a long time. I’d feel excluded, unwanted and like I wasn’t good enough. I started to explore this scenario and soon worked out that I craved acknowledgement from others to confirm to me that I was important and that I was doing the right thing in life. That’s why I’d get so upset when I wasn’t acknowledged, and feel so good when I was.

When I started to explore this further I realised that I wasn’t acknowledging myself. I was looking for people in the outside world to acknowledge me. How could they do that and how could I pass that responsibility to them, when I wasn’t acknowledging who I was and the gifts that I bring to this world. I had to start acknowledging my inside world, my true self, my Soul.

This was the biggest lesson I have learnt so far this year and boy have things changed since then! Once that penny drops and you get the lesson you need to learn, everything becomes much clearer and life becomes so much easier.

I found the above clip on YouTube that shows how easily we can ignore what we see in the mirror. Make a pact with yourself not to ignore these things you seen anymore, but explore and understand them. Your life will be much better for it! If you want some help working it out feel free to comment below, or contact me through Seed To Soul.

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