On a date with Trust

A date with Trust

On a date with Trust… meet you at 6!

About three weeks ago I wrote a post about my Throat Chakra, and how quickly my body was reacting to the scenario playing out around me. The ‘plan’ I had set for the next few months was not staying on track. In fact it felt like the train was coming to a screeching halt. I have since realised that the universe had other things in mind for me, and to my delight these have been much more exciting and in line with what I love! ‘Go with the flow’ seems to be the catch phrase, but instead of a free flow it has kind of felt like a ‘push comes to shove’. Oh, how I longed to just not care and know it would be alright – but those old thoughts and fears were biting me on the heels quicker than Bluey the cattle dog just before dinner. So I wanted to share some tips from my ‘tool kit’ that helped me to keep it real during this apparent train stopping event.

As I felt like the carpet had been pulled from under me, I automatically went into a reaction of panic, it was all on! Lock-down disaster management at it’s best. As I started to go through the process (what seemed like a old ritual), I just kept thinking ‘Really, again? You are really going to pull out your old trumps because you are too scared to move out of your comfort zone?’. I have learnt way to much in the last 18 months to go through that all over again.

So I stopped. And I sat. And I felt.

I stopped to feel where the emotion was stirring in my body, the fear, the anxiety, the helplessness.  Next, I connected those body parts with the relevant chakra… bingo! We have a base and sacral chakra going into overdrive. Out come all my books on chakras.

Then I started to think about why these emotions had come up. Exactly what or who was making me have this reaction. Could you believe, of all the things it was a bank. A bank. A corporation. A building. Not even a human being! A corporation who’s livelihood is based on control and keeping people in a mindset of fear.

So I changed my perspective. I had to, otherwise I would continue to sit in the state of fear, anxiety and helplessness, and I would end up with a plan NOT in line with who I am and my own life path. It would be a plan, in my case, to keep a corporation happy. However, please don’t get me wrong, this was completely new territory for me and it did feel uncomfortable. It was a big lesson, I just had to trust.

Trust. There’s a word that I’m currently courting. Over the years we have caught glimpses of each other between drinks and through mutual friends. But finally we’ve found time to really get to know each other. (Between you and me, I think we are like two peas in a pod).

The thing is when Trust and I hang out, we always end up meditating. This is because if I don’t meditate and keep myself centred, Trust simply jumps out the window and all those feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness return. So my meditation is not really an option. Meditation is my medication and if I miss my morning and/or evening dose, I start to slump.

Meditation is my Medication

Create the space, my Meditation Alter

So as it happened, while I’ve been hanging out meditating with Trust, all sorts of doors have started to open. I’ve been meeting with most wonderful people, abundant with opportunities, and much more prosperous and meaningful than I ever had in mind. And the time…! My time has doubled to concentrate on what I want to be focusing on. It will all work out and I have Trust to thank for that.

So the next time you feel a door closing, or a familiar emotion build inside – maybe try a different tactic. Often scenarios will repeat themselves in our lives to teach us a lesson, and they’ll keep coming at us until the lesson is learnt. When one door closes another one will open, and for all you know it could amazing! Oh, and if you meet Trust, take them up on an offer of a date. Best decision I ever made.


My favourite Fairy, she has travelled with me for a long time.

‘Thank you for the abundant supply in my life, overflowing with beautiful opportunities for me to express by Divine Light so that others may benefit as well. Thank you for the peace, love and happiness you bring me. Thank you for all of the time and energy that I have to fulfil my dreams and desires. Thank you for the abundant financial support and supply. I grateful accept all of your gifts, and ask that you keep them coming.’

Archangels & Ascended Masters
Doreen Virtue

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