Mercury Retrograde Shmetrograde

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

It’s now 3:13am and I can’t sleep… I had the most indulgent day I’ve given to myself in months! I had a 2hr massage this morning, perused the markets, drank tea looking out over rolling hills and then spent the afternoon at the beach with some girlfriends. It got even better when the neighbours invited me around for a big plate of the most amazing home made dinner topped off with pavlova.  When I got home I thought ‘I’m going to sleep so well tonight’…

The mind chatter is unbelievable. I can’t help but wonder if it’s got something to do with this Mercury Retrograde. Is the final to-do-list being downloaded before Mercury moves on? (not sure what time it moves). All week my dreams have been so busy, just full of ‘stuff’. Clear and  begone thank you!

In an attempt to find some answers I’ve been googling and came across this great article. The photo is what I have been doing for the last 5 hours… hilarious! Not. Feel free to leave your interpretation if you have one 🙂

Time to give it another go and see if the Sandman will come visit me.

Night xx

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Shmetrograde

  1. Hi there;
    I just read ur blog… was wondering since we rvin mercury in retrograde now r u still having insomnia??
    Cuz last nite I tried everything n had about a broken 2 hr sleep n cannot nap for the life of me today….
    Just curious

    • Hi Michelle, it’s been such a long time since I wrote this blog! …but thank you for reading and asking the question. To be honest these days I’ve been sleeping quite well 🙂 The only times lately that I notice that I sometimes don’t get a great sleep is a around a full moon… but who knows. I’m sure stress levels would also play a part in it all. Hope that helps you! 🙂

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