Hello… this is your Throat Chakra talking

Throat Chakra

This morning I woke up feeling a little bit heady. You know when you feel like a cold may be coming on –  head’s a little foggy, can’t think straight, slight headache, some soreness in my ears, but I especially had a sore throat and my glands felt swollen. Instead of grabbing some paracetamol to make me feel better, I started to explore what my body was bringing to my attention.

I instantly connected my sore throat with the Throat Chakra, the beautiful blue energy that pulsates around our neck providing us with the vitality to voice our Will, creativity and freedom to express our truth.

Initially this perplexed me, as I feel like I have been really focused on following my inner truth to create the world I want around me. In fact the past two months have been just amazing, which is why I have been a little absent from the blogging scene (sorry!). I have moved to a part of the world that I’ve always wanted to live, I have connected with a fantastic clinic, the Circle Wellness Clinic, to practice from and I have been meeting so many like minded and interesting people providing me with great insight and opportunity for growth…  all up, at the moment I’m pretty happy! So what was this sore throat all about?

I had plans to explore the country side and I wasn’t going to let a bit of discomfort stop me. So I jumped in the car and off I went. On my travels through the green rolling hills (thanks to the abundance of rain we have been having) I began to deconstruct and make connections to the way my body was feeling.


Yesterday I received some news that the part-time work I have been traveling to Brisbane for two days per week will no longer be available. When I was told the news, the first thing I noticed was that my stomach didn’t flip or drop like it has done in the past when events ‘out of my control’ occurred. In fact, I almost smiled knowing that it was time to cut the ties I still had with Brisbane. On the drive home I felt a mixture of relief and excitement about what will be around the corner, however I did also have a layer of fear stirring in the  background… that income was my staple!

The fear we create around us is so important to understand. It can stop us from believing in ourselves and staying on our ‘Truth Path’. It began to click that I was feeling off because my mind was going into panic mode. It had mildly begun to shift into old thought patterns about what I ‘should’ be doing rather than following what I want to be doing. I had started to disconnect from my inner truth. The news I had received wasn’t in my grand plan and even though I initially hadn’t gone into a fear state, it was slowly creeping up on me.

Our Throat Chakra can indicate to us when we are in line with our inner truth and when we are starting to disconnect. The disconnection can mean we stop listening to ourselves and look to the outside world for answers, instead of trusting ourselves. Imagine a silver cord starting at the top of your head and running through the middle of your brain, down through your spine. When this cord is in a straight line, the vitality of energy being able to move through your body is magic and all sorts of things become possible.

Now imagine your head sitting forward (commonly known as Forward Head Posture), this will disconnect the flow of energy. In my mind it’s kind of like when there is a kink in a hose and the water can no longer get through, the magic flow of life begins to stop. This disconnection is separating the mind (brain) from the rest of the body. If our mind is disassociated with our body then how do we really know how we feel about things? It can be a dangerous place to be because you may find you start agreeing to things you don’t want and acting on fears rather than your desires.

So, for me I feel that my sore throat has brought to my attention that I really need to focus on my own desires and listening to what I feel my next move should be. Not reacting to this situation and saying yes to things that may not really suit what I want.

Bring on the meditation and focusing on the outcome in line with my Truth! Stand straight and tall and remember to breathe… everything else will follow.

archangel_gabrielPicture from: www.thegoldenlightchannel.com
Archangel Gabriel, angelic presence of the Throat Chakra

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