One-way Ticket… without a Passport

MeHuge Day!! Tuesday 5 August 6:03pm. May I never forget this moment. I have just booked myself a one-way ticket to tropical island, Bali! I made the decision a couple of months ago and now I’m finally here. Three more weeks and I’m on that plane. I’ve changed my perceived destiny in a matter of computer clicks… but perhaps it was my destiny all along.

I’ve kept this life changing moment pretty quiet while I’ve been planning and there is a reason why. People are scared of change like this and I didn’t want to be influenced by them (Important to note when choosing to do something you love – beware of the nae sayers and fear fumblers… it’s not that they are bad people, in fact most of them are lovely – they just can unwittingly pass how they feel to you. Kinda like an airborne disease). When I have been telling the odd person, the first reaction recently has been ‘Wow!!’ and I’m like ‘Yeah!’ with a huge smile on my face… and then they say ‘That’s really scary!’.

What the?

A leap of faith isn’t forever. A leap of faith doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made or that you can’t change your mind. A leap of faith IS opening yourself up to the unknown and experiencing something, meeting someone, or going somewhere that you have no idea where it may lead you. A leap of faith is education and personal growth in it’s most practical form.

Those that know me, know that I’m optimistic and love to help others live a life that they love and I ate my words the day someone asked if I was living mine, because the answer was no. It shook me up and rattled me around, but it also woke me up to what it means to be authentic, what it means to know who you really are and how to live with your heart rather than muddle through life with your head.

So I vow to share with you my raw self while I change my course of destiny. I’ll admit there is a a little bit of fear in anticipation of what’s to come… I am human, and it’s the first time ever I’ve booked an overseas ticket before having a passport in my hand, which btw would never of happened a few years ago! But I have trust and faith and know that worrying just doesn’t get you anywhere.

Here’s to new tropical island adventures!! Got a question about how I’m doing it? Just ask below, I would love to hear from you – I’m always keen to know how my experiences can help others and that person could be you!

Mel xo

10 thoughts on “One-way Ticket… without a Passport

  1. Love it Mel – you continue to be inspirational & your words resonate with me in many ways, beyond words – a Big Thank You !!

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