The Face Reader

TheFaceReaderSo I’ve got this pretty cool little party trick. I can read faces. There is usually one of two things that happen when people find out. They either ask me straight away ‘What does mine say?’ or they put their hands up and say ‘Ahhh!  Don’t look at me!’. Oddly sometimes people also ask me what the winning lotto numbers are… and my answer to that is always ‘no idea and if I did know, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t tell anyone!’.

Face Reading has nothing to do with being psychic. In a nut shell all I’m looking for are the shapes, so the geometry of your face. Squares, circles, angles… to this day it still spins me out how accurate it is and it really helps me to understand my clients and quickly get to the core of what’s going on for them.

Face Reading has taught me so much about understanding and patience towards others. No matter how rough and tough, confident, bitchy, funny, quiet or even happy someone seems to be – I can look at their face and see what’s really going on. Everyone has a story, but everyone also has the opportunity to change it. A face reading can actually start that process.

What I do love seeing is when someone’s eyes light up… you can see that person is in alignment with their life purpose and loving it! I don’t care if I’m not interested in what they are passionate about, it just makes me happy that they are passionate about something! (and as long as it’s for the good of human kind of course).

I do switch on my Face Reading  skills every now and then while walking around, and way to often I see the opposite of that passion. It pulls on my heart strings so much because I can see the potential in everyone, and just so many people don’t believe it themselves.

So people get in touch with your passions and if you don’t know what yours is start exploring. Try something new! We live in a pretty amazing place that’s waiting for your spark to bedazzle us – don’t waste time, get out and enjoy it!

Work with me one:one and experience a personal Face Reading.

Is there something you would like to know about a feature of your face? Put it in the comments below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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