Festival of Online Entrepreneurs

MelIf you’re an actor you’d hang out in Hollywood. If you loved the stock market I’m guessing you’re dreaming of Wall Street. As for those who have a passion is fashion, then a life in Paris would probably make your heart melt.

The commonality with all these places is that they attract like minded people with similar passion and mindset. Organically they learn together, grow together and work together. Collaboration at its best in any industry means anything is possible!

So where do you go if you’re an online entrepreneur? The current revolution of big hearted change makers, who are kicking in their corner office to actually stand up for positive change and a life of passion, freedom and flexibility, has exploded! But where is the hub for all these laptop junkies? Are they meeting up in Google Hangouts drinking virtual coffees?

No way! In fact, the pumping heart of intensely high entrepreneurial energy is live and kicking from a small island in Indonesia called Bali. If you want to take your online business to the next level, this my friend is where it’s at. For me it’s the Hollywood, Wall Street and Paris for online entrepreneurs.

Bali, especially Ubud, is like a continuous festival for entrepreneurs. There is a huge range of talent and every conversation is a showcase of what’s new and about to hit the market. It’s exciting, inspiring and even though every individual walks to a different beat, somehow there is a syncopated energy between us all. There is an ease and a knowing that you’ll have a conversation with the right person at the right time, and that these conversations will change you and the way you work.

If I could bottle this energy and sell it – I know I’d make a motza!… but I couldn’t figure out. So, instead I’m inviting entrepreneurs to come join me. You have to experience this culture because it’s out of this world! I invite you to come for 10 days to live the life of a Global Entrepreneur. Immerse yourself in this dynamic dimension that is stimulating, inspiring and will take you to new heights in everything that you do.

Trust me – it will change you.

Melanie xo
Creative Inspirator & Online Style Advisor
Seed To Soul

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