The Entrepreneurs Battle: Intellect V’s Creativity – by Melanie Midegs

Photo on 27-03-2015 at 1.06 pm #2 Intellect & Creativity. Logic & Emotion. Control & Flexibility. Giving & Receiving. Life can feel like it’s a continual balancing of the scales. However, when we get the balance right the outcomes are phenomenal, especially for Entrepreneurs. When we get the balance right everything starts to flow and feels light and effortless… and that’s what we are all striving for right? To help the world, in our own way, so that we can live the lifestyle that we choose.

It all sounds very well and good – but putting it into practice can be a hurdle! For me, I’ve definitely had a dominant masculine energy to manage, and my ways of operating have usually fallen into the categories of intellect, logic, control and giving. Stepping into the entrepreneurial world I knew this had to change because:

  1. I needed to learn how to open myself up to receiving.
  2. My personality and creativity needed to be present to allow me to really connect with my audience.
  3. If I continue to ‘do’ all the time I knew I’d be heading down the path of exhaustion, burn out and even the possibility of giving up.

Here is an insight I experienced with my own balance the other night:

Understanding that your body is a true reflection of where you are emotionally and mentally is so important. It has been the catalyst for me leaving the 9-5 office grind and actually creating a life that I loved. Our body is intelligent and it doesn’t lie – we can’t hide behind it… it just is. The more we work with it rather than ignoring it, the more our life improves for the better.

As a Face Reader, it blows me away to provide insights to my clients about what their body is reflecting. Your whole body can be seen in your face, and it’s a very practical yet gentle process of understanding who you are, your strengths and weaknesses… and most importantly, acknowledging the greatness of who you are.

Face Reading Expert

The power of the body is amazing and is a super intelligent tool waiting to guide you. In business, it truly has been my road map. There is no secret formula to business success – a lot of the answers are within you. Yes we can follow structure to help us learn and grow. But the essence, individuality and gifts that you have to offer the world can’t be learnt from someone else… it’s all within you. Give yourself the credit you deserve, step out and spread your message. We need you!

MelMelanie Midegs is a Face Reader, Online Business Coach and hosts Global Entrepreneur Experiences. After feeling trapped and discontent working in the corporate world, Melanie now travels the world running her online business. Right now you’ll find her hanging out in Bali sharing her insights, knowledge and inspiration to help others to transition out of the corporate world and into a life that they love.

2 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurs Battle: Intellect V’s Creativity – by Melanie Midegs

  1. This is really helpful. I don’t often give myself any credit for things. It’s like the good stuff is just a neutral baseline and that makes it easier to be hard on myself about, well, most things.

    The key message in here for me is about allowing space for the creative to flourish and make it a judgement free, pressure free zone. I don’t do that nearly enough and that’s the activity that allows me to cut through the crap and get to … what did we agree on? My soul intent.

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