The Best Medicine For Your Online Business

10888899_10154977766930471_111985824102475958_nI’d seen the pictures and heard the buzz, but had no idea how huge the impact of spending time in Bali focusing on my online business would be.

Imagine someone telling you about a great mountain climb and how the view from the top is totally life changing. You are pumped and really want to do it. You start looking around for your hiking boots but can’t find them anywhere. While you are looking for them you start sharing your dream of climbing the mountain with others, but they begin to tell you about their horror stories like all the snakes there are and what you ‘might’ find along the way. Slowly your enthusiasm becomes squashed and in the end it’s just another dream that you tuck safely away in a box.

I’ve been there, putting my dreams into a box. Thankfully I kept them all safely hidden under my bed, because one day I realised – that is no way for an entrepreneur to be thinking. Entrepreneurs are open minded, problem solving, adventurers and change makers of the world. And the biggest quality of an entrepreneur is that they make their own change, love to collaborate, connect and help each other! I was sharing my dreams with the wrong people and I had find my tribe to thrive.

The entrepreneurial community in Bali is huge! Every single day I am making new connections, engaging in thought provoking conversations, helping others along their online business journey and experiencing a new way of living that for me, feels like the ultimate way of being.

I scoot through a Monkey Forests to make Skype calls. I join in on conversations in cafes. I meet more new people in person that I’ve connected with online in Bali than I ever have before. And the time and space I have to be creative with my business and get things done has never been so strong.

So even if a trip to Bali feels like the highest mountain ever for you to climb, don’t worry about the hiking boots as everyone here is in bare feet. Seek out and connect with online communities or even connect with myself. We can show you a new way of living and how running your online business from the mountain top that is Bali is totally life changing.

Melanie xo

Creative Inspirator & Online Business Coach
Seed To Soul

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