Travel Blooper… Mystery at #10

#28When planning anything, be that an overseas trip, project, event… anything – always be prepared for things to go wrong. In times when action needs to be taken quickly it’s easy for us as human beings to occassionally forget to cross the ‘t’s’ and dot the ‘i”s, and in my case… forget my address (cringe factor 1,000!).

I recently moved into some temporary share accommodation to help me transit to my new adventure overseas. I thought that I knew the address but it seems this was not the case. I overheard my flatmate on the phone this morning telling someone the address was ‘number 28…’.

What? I have been telling everyone it’s number 10.  Including the Department of Immigration who I have been expecting a delivery from with my renewed passport. BIG whoops!.. Now I’m wondering where the hell I got number 10 from??

Ok, disaster recovery mode. First thing I thought was to go visit house number 10. So off I walk up the road to introduce myself as the lady who doesn’t know where she lives and explain my mistake without feeling like a complete nickumpoop (seriously, who doesn’t know their address?!). I find the owners working in the yard and I ask ‘Excuse me, are you from number 10?’, and the guy responds ‘Nope, we are number 8. Number 10 doesn’t exist, the next house is number 12’.

What are the chances that in a whole street the only house that doesn’t exist is number 10?  That’s just weird. So aparently not only have I been giving out the wrong address – it doesn’t even exist!

Back home, to number 28 (I won’t be forgetting that in a hurry) to make some phone calls. Thankfully all is well and after a delightful call to the Dept of Immigration I now have a trusty Australia Post tracking number so I can collect my passport. Although, of course today is a public holiday in Brisbane. Bugger. Will have to wait for tomorrow.

Lesson learnt, slow down, breath and take everything in your stride. It will all work out perfect in the end… kind of. I guess it’s all part of the adventure!

Anyone else have a travel blooper to make me feel a little more human?

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