Keep Believing…

SunflowerWe have the ability to change our lives so quickly, however we must be open to it and believe that we can. I have just read The Challenge I posted six months ago with a description of how I felt Christmas Eve last year. While reading it, I felt like I was almost reading someone elses story! I have come such a long way since then. I know it’s not quite Christmas Eve yet, but this morning I got up with no alarm, headed to the pool for a swim, leisurely picked up a few groceries on the way home and then ate breakfast on my balcony, looking out over the tree tops, listening to birds tweet. I did this! I made the choice to change my life and it’s happening.

It has not been without it’s challenges, I won’t say that it has been a completely smooth ride. What I will say though, is that the challenges that have presented themselves over the past 12 months have been nothing compared to the frustration and sence of bewilderment I have felt in the past of trying to fit into someone elses structure. Someone else’s idea of how life should be. Someone else being corporations, businesses, family, friends etc. Once I started to live by my own truth and making decisions based on how I really felt and not letting the reactions of others concern me, it really does become easier. It’s like the damn walls are lifted and the flow of life actually begins.

It can be hard to let go of what has been so familiar, even when you know it no longer serves you. It can be hard to stand up for what you believe in when others around you may not believe in the same thing. But that’s ok – we are all different, we are all worthy and we are all allowed to live life how we want. Just remember this, sometimes we must let go to allow the new to enter into our lives. If we forever hold on how can we experience something new? If we forever hold on how can we let new people and communities come into our lives? If we forever hold on how can we change?

Each one of us has the ability to live the life we truly desire. About four years ago I was working in the country side of Portugal. I knew I was at a pivotal point in my life where I had to work out what I really wanted. It’s easy to declare what we don’t want, but it’s so important to focus on what we do want. I didn’t know how to put what I wanted into words so I started to draw a picture. I drew the place that I wanted to live (not that I knew exactly where it was), the surrounding environment, and the things I am passionate about. I had no idea how they would all fit together, but I just put them in the picture. I didn’t need to know how it was going to happen, I just needed to be clear on what I wanted.

Today, that picture is so close to reality and I’m actually starting to see the how it will happen! Life is a journey, a highway, a yellowbrick road, what ever you would like to call it, but the best part is that it’s all about learning. Learning about yourself. If our picture came true tomorrow that would be great!… but we probably wouldn’t have learnt much about ourselves and our inner truth. Let the flow of learning begin. There is no right or wrong path, there is no fixed timeframe, only your own belief that will keep your dream alive.

Right now is the perfect time to start – the planets are lining up, holidays are here and a new year is near. Draw your picture, write or create that dream life scenario however you want to do it – the choice is yours! Maybe you could even write a play… the possibilities are endless. Just make sure it’s something you can keep, so when life get’s a bit twisty you can have a look and remember what you really want, to help you stay to your truth. Also remember not to get caught up in the how, just focus on the what… over time it will start to appear – if you try to control how it happens you may be taking the longer path to get there πŸ˜‰

This song popped into my head this morning while I was enjoying the life I have created for myself and being so proud of how far I have come in my own personal journey. We really do have complete control of the life we lead…. indeed we are magic!

Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true!

~ Plant the Seed and watch it grow
Seed To Soul

Love and light to you
Mel xxx

1 thought on “Keep Believing…

  1. Mel, I’m smiling reading your post today. It’s so refreshing to hear about your adventure chasing your dreams, you are inspiring!

    One of my dreams for 2013 is to visit a friend I don’t see enough up in a nice little country town she just moved to πŸ˜‰ I will chase after that dream hehe.

    Hope your 2013 is the next exciting chapter of your new, amazing story.


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