Eye of the Storm

Brisbane and surrounding areas have witnessed the most amazing and powerful storms over the last week. Mother Nature has arrived and is wanting us to take notice. When I first laid eyes on this photograph, it instantly took my breath away. I felt my stomach tightened up and an inner knowing that this is her… Mother Nature looking down on us to let us know that transformation IS happening whether we like it or not. Howling winds, magnificent thunder, lightning strikes and torrential rain is washing away the old to make room for the new. She has got her broom and is coming in to sweep out the decrepid dust and old cobwebs sitting in the cracks that no longer serve us. We can no longer pretend they are part of the furniture. We are learning our lessons right now, and she has come to give us a kick up the ass!

Transformation. We are in the midst of a huge transformational shift. I refer to ‘we’ being the collective – you, me, your family and friends, your neighbourhood, your community, your state, your country, the earth. There is an amazing amount of information being shared about this transformation – just google it and you will see!

My personal take on what is happening, is that we are moving out of a masculine mind-set of having set structures, rules and guidelines, and being forever mindful of how we can control the outcome of our lives – ‘thinking’ we know what is best. Instead we are moving into the feminine mind-set of being in tune with the fire that is burning inside us and expressing this through our emotions and creativity. There is no way that this energy can be controlled – how can you control raw emotion and creativity?… impossible! It will be exactly what needs to come out – timeframes and regulation does not exist. Try to control it and you will be in for a bumpy ride.

For some of us this is music to our ears and sounds of halalooyah’s can be heard while embracing the change. However, for others this could be so far from the truth as they struggle to understand this new thought paradigm. These people could be feeling very uncomfortable, particularly at the moment.

Today, through random conversations and a walk by the river, it became apparent to me how difficult this shift could be for men in particular. While walking I noticed so many men who looked frustrated, uptight and angry… one was even throwing sticks at birds! I also noticed the majority of them were on their own.

Imagine never knowing how or ‘allowed’ to feel or express who you really are. Overtime becoming hard, rigid and completely numb to what is going on inside. Possibly even building up armour around you, literally by building up muscles so that no one could get in and nothing could be let out. Working out that if you lived by some standard rules you could get by and everything would be alright. Now imagine being in the present moment, where this transformational shift is happening and basic structures in life are no longer working… I thought, no wonder so many were looking frustrated, uptight and angry! The routines they have been living by, and old records they’ve been playing inside may not be working out as they planned.

Men have the essence of masculine energy so readily within, as do women have the essence of feminine energy close at hand. Not to say that women won’t have difficulty during this time of change, but I tend to think that men may have to dig a bit deeper within themselves to understand what is going on. They can do it (and they need to!), they may just need some help along the way.

So be patient with the men in your lives during this time. The energy that is stirring, is stirring them as much as it is you… they may not be able to express it all just yet. It’s going to be a big learning curve for some.

And, if you are a man reading this blog – thank you for stopping by and being interested in what is happening outside and within you! Look for information and it will find you and if you are drawn to a particular type of healing therapy that you have not tried before, give it a go. It may just be the missing link to understanding. Let the mind rest and go with your feelings. Nothing will grow if you don’t plant the Seed.

Tread gently…

Mel x
Seed To Soul

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