Chicken Connection

Yesterday a chicken came to my front door. This may seem usual if you live on a farm, or have chickens of your own, but I live in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane… only 7kms to the heart of the city! This chicken was so friendly, coming straight up to me and following me around the yard. Although I wasn’t sure if she was going to peck me or just stand next to my feet. Then I noticed another chicken! Two chickens in my yard! The second was much more timid and stayed right away, hiding under the stairs if I came close. The strangeness of the whole situation was quite humorous, nice, sweet, yet quirky to start an otherwise regular Tuesday morning. However, as the day came to a close I realised that perhaps there was something more at play.

This week I am back studying Psychosomatic Therapy, with teacher Hermann Muller. This amazing man passes on his gift of knowledge to so many all around the world. I feel so grateful to be able to sit his class. This time there are about 10 students and the group is predominantly women, with a couple of guys popping in on different days. Every other time I’ve sat the class there has been a fairly good mix between men and women. So I’m really feeling a strong female energy connecting the group.

A little while ago I shared my own Face Reading to show that my masculine side had been the dominate force in my life. Since the beginning of the year I have been working on balancing the two. Yesterday I received my latest Face Reading taken 4 days ago. I can really see the fruits of my labour and the change has been fairly dramatic!

I can feel that I have changed in myself, and friends I haven’t seen for a while also say that they can see the physical change within me. It’s more noticeable to them as they don’t look at me everyday like I do! From the photo I can see and acknowledge that my feminine side is starting to open up and understand that the opportunity has come express itself. There is still a little confidence building to be done, but I can see it is improving ๐Ÿ™‚

To close my Tuesday I ended up having two different conversation with two very beautiful women that are also exploring their feminine sides, and starting to express it more freely. I came home with a smile on my face, feeling very calm, warm, happy and gentle inside. I kept thinking about that chicken, that mother hen that came knocking on my door this morning. Just for a bit of fun I decided to find out what the chicken spirit meant.

‘They symbolise knowledge, learning, reflection and observation. Chicken’s have a defined personal space that they guard and protect and do not like to be confined. They are tireless birds always on the move. They are the teachers of the bird kingdom. They have an innate ability to sense danger. They define the ability to remain individual, individual and unique when existing among large groups.

The Sacred Chicken Totem possess the following virtues:
All form of teaching and knowledge, the ability to absorb new ideas, energy, guarding of personal space, understanding, fertility, and creativity, ability to sense danger, independence in groups, individuality and uniqueness.’

‘The chicken and cock symbolize the yin-yang balance of male and female energies. Together they represent fertility and sexuality. Chicken eggs have been historically used in rituals as fertility symbols. Chickens, longtime domesticated, are a stable of food in households. For this reason chickens also represent nutrition and substenance. When chicken or rooster visits the significance may very well have to do with your sexuality or hormone issues. Ask yourself if your yin is in balance with your yang. Everyone carries a mixture of masculine and feminine within them. How comfortable are you with your sexuality and relationships? Could you be gentler or more nurturing? Or, perhaps you have been sitting on the sidelines being silent for too long and really need to be show your dominant side and shout out a Cock-a-Doodle Do.’

So I was a little gob-smacked when I read about the spirit of a chicken. It is so appropriate for what’s happening in my life right at this very moment. So I thank the chickens that visited my house. I thank them for reminding me that I’m on the right path, and have the ability and strength to express my own creativity in my own individual way.

I’m planting the seed… the Seed To Soul ๐Ÿ™‚

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