Harmony Week

I woke up last night at 1.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 4am. The only reason I didn’t get up to do some work on the computer was that is was so bloody cold! There were millions of thoughts flying around in my head. Setting up my market stall, getting a business logo made, hitting the study books to continue learning, updating my finances, when I will get a new car, setting up my new work space, building bookshelves, how will I attract new clients, decorating my office and stall, I really should eat better, what I will do first, those possums on the roof are noisy… the list goes on and on and on!

Becoming your own boss definitely has its perks, my favourite is the ability to express yourself 100% through your work everyday. You can also work from home and decide your own hours – but the hardest thing is switching off, and when you do switch off not feeling guilty about it! I’ve just had a look and it’s been four weeks since I finished my old office job, two of those were spent attending a course. Makes me feel pretty good about what I have achieved so far! But there is a lot more work to do.

To help set my intention for the week I picked up my Oracle Cards and pulled out one to focus on. As soon as I looked at the card I smiled and gave myself a self-knowing wink, realising it was another lovely reminder. I pulled out the ‘Harmony’ card. Ordinarily this card represents partnerships, either in love or business. However, for me this week I feel it represents the harmony between my masculine and feminine sides and being aware of the balance I need from both of them to get my work done.

Each of us has a masculine and feminine side. The masculine side is all about our logic, determination and structure, while our feminine is about the creativity, emotion and flexibility we express in our lives. Your masculine side is the whole right side of your body and the feminine side is the whole left side of your body. So even though I have a million and one things on my to-do-list this week, I need to take time everyday to reflect if I’m using either my feminine or masculine side more than the other. Gotta get that energy right!

If you work for yourself I’d be really keen to hear of any tips you may have for getting that work/life (masculine/feminine) balance right, and how to make sure you get plenty of sleep at night!

Right… back to the to-do list 😉

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