Awesome Day!

What an awesome day, the milestones just keep on rolling in! Today I have launched my business page, Seed to Soul on Facebook. Yay! It’s such an awesome feeling to be flying full steam ahead with my dreams. This page will allow everyone to know what markets I’ll be Face Reading at and when. It will also be spiced with little pieces of info to immerse into your days, moving you all the more closer to real happiness and contentment in your life.

So what do we do when we achieve a goal? I personally like to jump up and down, clap my hands and make a lot of noise! Yipppeee! Hahaha! It goes something like Little Miss Sunshine. When we achieve, the energy needs to flow out. Be proud of yourself and let that positive energy radiate to everyone around you. I know some people who are so good at holding that energy in and not letting it go… I don’t know how they do it?!

If you had a great day let me know about it, I want to know! Or if you can remember a time when you went crazy with excitment share that with us too. I love to hear those stories – they instantly make me smile and laugh! Not only that, but if I have a bad day I can come back and read them all to put that smile right back on my dial.

Here’s to great Fridays! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Awesome Day!

  1. I like this post! It’s full of positivity and energy. I’ve been battling a cold, came home from work and was ready to just relax on the couch. Instead, I went to the indoor pool and swam 650m more than doubling my last output. It was a great day!

    • Awesomeness! Doubling your last output? you gotta be happy with that… and while you have a cold! Imagine what you could do when you are right as rain 🙂 I’m glad you ejoyed the post and got a positive vibe… another milestone achieved – I’m off again to run around the room like Little Miss Sunshine! Haha! All the best and hope you get better soon.

  2. Hubby and I have just paid off another credit card today! Woo hoo! It’s such a good feeling to be able to put some of the things that hold you back, behind you. We are well and truly in a fast gallop towards achieving our dreams. It’s so exciting to be ticking off these milestones as they come up. Absolutely, Little Miss Sunshine I am today too! x

    • Way to go Lisa and Hubby! I hope Hubby joined in the excitement too 😉 Those financial milestones are great – I can imagine it feels like the weight is lifting up off your shoulders… soon you will be floating on cloud 9 for sure. Happy galloping and make sure you hold tight onto those reins so you don’t fall off! x

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