Yoga with a Capital ‘Why?!’

Yoga with a capital ‘Why?!’… rewind about 5 years ago I could contort my body into all sorts of yoga positions. I would head down to my local yoga studio about 2 or 3 times a week for a dose of Bikram Yoga and would be floating all the way home. Ahhh, the serenity. In an attempt to get me back to that floating feeling, yesterday I took the plunge with a beginners class at Hot Fusion Yoga. Today I can’t move…!

Here I was thinking that it would be a little difficult at first, but I’ve kept myself in relatively good shape so it should be alright. I didn’t realise how many birthdays have passed me by since my last Downward Dog. Today I am in pain with a capital ‘P’! However, I will not be beaten by the fuzz in my muscles. It just highlights to me how important it is for us to keep moving and more importantly to keep stretching and breathing properly. No wonder some of us become cranky the older we get – who wouldn’t when we are so stiff and tight it hurts to move!

After my course last week on Psychosomatic Therapy, I have learnt new posture and breathing techniques which I tried out while doing yoga. I’m no yoga expert, but I tried keeping the weight of my body on the balls of my feet rather than my heels where appropriate and breathing with my diaphragm rather than only the top half of my chest. I could feel the difference it made so quickly. I felt a lot stronger and confident in each of the positions. Imagine what I will be like after a few weeks…maybe I will be able to contort myself sooner than I think!

So here is to yoga, balance, focus, awareness and breathing. Like anything, if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again 🙂 Would love to hear from anyone who is into yoga and what it is that keeps them going back for more – inspire me!

2 thoughts on “Yoga with a Capital ‘Why?!’

  1. I’ve always been a cerebral kind of person who couldn’t understand the attraction of physical exercise — weightlifting, gyms, and the like, especially — until I chanced upon my first hatha class, something I ventured into expecting a lecture. Obviously, I got hooked, but over the years, the physical practice fell away, at least until recently. (Hmmm, practicing musical scales also falls into that category!)

    What strikes me is how easily and imperceptibly we allow the important activities in our lives to fall by the wayside. Any exercise, even as gentle as walking, or meditation and reflection time or even dedicated prayer and scripture study can be overtaken by the seemingly more “pressing” activities of daily life — jobs, family, community, household care, and so on.

    Maybe we need immersion rounds — versions of the old tent revivals — to get us fired up again and in the habit. Just a thought.

    • Thank you for your words – a lovely gentle reminder… I have often thought how crazy it is that we put so much importance on the things that really do us no service and in fact keep us from enjoying the life which is ours. If only we did as much for ourselves as we do for others.

      I’ve just been putting off writing my next blog (which is important for my own creative expression) by keeping myself busy with dirty washing!

      Thank you Jnana and may we all keep reminding each other 🙂

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