Days 6 to 10 Psychosomatics – Light Bulb Moment

Right now I feel like I have just found the switch to life. It has become apparent to me just how long I have been wondering around in the dark. Sometimes there has been someone to hold my hand guiding my way, and many times I’ve let go to see if I could do it on my own – only to stub my toe and trip over! Getting up again, I’d try and remember the mistakes I had made to get ahead a little further. The hand would reach down to help me up, but in my own stubbornness, ignorance or perhaps fear of looking a little deeper I would quickly let go of the helping hand to try it on my own once more, inevitably tripping over again.

We do need a guiding hand and I don’t think any of us could find the switch completely on our own. The hand can guide us to the room, even put our hand on the switch, but we are the ones who have to flick it. Nobody else can. The helping hand can demonstrate, but you still have to do it. Can you believe it – this time I actually flicked it… I flicked the switch! But it must be said that it was only in the depths of my own bleeding toe that it became so clear how to switch it on.

Two words – Magic Mirror. When ever you have an emotional reaction to the outside world, it is a reflection of you. This is not a new train of thought and many of us have heard this before. The hardest part is remembering and understanding this when we are emotionally fuelled and fired up. Not an easy task – let me tell you!

Unexpectedly last week I experienced the confusion caused by someone I care about so dearly, not considering my feelings. This caused me to feel angry, hurt, sad and utter pain. In the midst of my sleepless night with conversations and explanations running ramped in my head, I remembered the Magic Mirror. I lay there trying to figure it out… not an easy task. I’m not a hurtful person, I don’t disregard other people – how could this possibly be a reflection of me?!

In the morning on the way to class, I caught up with a girlfriend for breakfast to do what we do best – talk it out 🙂 This friend of mine was also doing the Psychosomatic Therapy course, so we were both in the same head space of the Magic Mirror. In the end we worked out that I was upset because I didn’t feel acknowledged. I felt like I kind of hit a nail on the head – but I still couldn’t see what the actual reflection of that would be.

We got to class, and as we did every day we’d each talk about what was on our mind that morning and how we were feeling. With much difficulty I started to explain the scenario I had just been through and that I had found the pivotal point of not feeling acknowledged. Then my teacher (Master of the Universe!) started to explain. I wish I had recorded him talking as it was so profound and simple what he had to say. He explained so poetically that I was feeling unacknowledged because I had not been acknowledging myself.

We all have a mind, a body and a spirit. It is easy to acknowledge the mind – in fact it’s usually the one to take over the body and spirit. We can acknowledge our body by treating ourselves kindly through watching what we eat, exercising and relaxing with things such as massage. However, the spirit can be easily missed. The spirit, my spirit, is who I really am – not the flesh on my bones or the brain in my head. That’s just the vehicle. It’s the spirit that is deep inside of you and me. Through life experience we can gradually forget about our spirit, building up layers of protective tissue, armoring muscle and a hardened mind in an attempt to make it through to the end. The spirit then becomes so faint that we forget that it even exists, and that is when life becomes hard.

The switch that I turned on was my spirit. I have remembered that it is inside me. It is so simple, but it feels so good to acknowledge it again! I’m looking at life through completely different eyes – and this would be because the eyes are the window to your soul. So remember what is inside and honor, respect and love who you are 🙂

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