Days 3, 4 & 5 Psychosomatics – The Cat is out of the Bag

Confidence. For me, confidence is where a person has such a strong will and sense of personal identity that they will go forth and seize each day, taking action to reach their goals, aiming to be the best that they can be. Over the last three days of my Psychosomatic Therapy course I have realised how much I crave to be confident and that it is the only thing holding me back. Inside I have a big bubble of energy, knowledge,creativity and ideas just waiting to burst through a block I have created around self-confidence and realising that I can achieve my dreams. I have been my own worst enemy!

It became very clear over the last three days of the course that I have an energy block around my personal thought patterns about my self-confidence. The below is a very brief overview of how I have come to this conclusion. (I’ve tried to keep it short but there is so much to tell!)

Psychosomatic Therapy has three core elements: focus, balance and structure.

Focus refers to the use of the mind. After many years of personal experiences and observing those around me, I have built up the thought pattern that I am not good enough to achieve what I want to do. For someone who has confidence this would sound ridiculous ‘Why on earth could you not a achieve anything you want in this world. If you want it… go grab it! Why would you even think twice?‘. My answer would usually be ‘Yeah I know, I’m pretty sure I could do it… I just need a little more time to learn some more and make sure it’s perfect before I put it out there’.  Bow-wow. Wrong answer. For me this is no longer acceptable!

Balance refers to our individual energy. Specifically the chakra energy centres in the body, each one representing a different quality. What do you know – there is one that is all about self-will and confidence, the solar plexus chakra. This chakra can be found just above the belly button and is represented by the colour yellow. It seems that everywhere I look around my body, it is indicating there is a block in this energy centre.

Structure refers to your body. After a close look at how I stand, walk, the distribution of muscle, tissue and bone structure around my body, my feet, toes, fingers and face there is a common theme around a strong block around my solar plexus energy centre. There is a physical line running straight through the solar plexus chakra on my torso, I lock my knees back indicating I find it hard to move forward, my elbows also easily bend the wrong way indicating that my arms can be easily twisted into doing things that I don’t want to. My right toe points out indicating I have a lack of direction when it comes to taking action and my most prominent feature on my face is the philtrum which is the area between the top of my lip and the bottom of my nose, the nose also representing personal identity. This means there is a lot of energy bubbling under my nose, also a solar plexus chakra centre, wanting to flow upwards.

Because of this block I have an amazing build up of energy in my base and sacral chakras just waiting to pop through. The lack of movement available for this energy to flow up and through my body is causing ‘excess tissue’ to start building around my thighs and stomach areas which are connected to the base and sacral chakra energy centres.

Great! so what do I do now?!  Well, I need to take it back to basics and learn to breath and walk again. Sounds crazy but it’s true. The majority of us do not breathe properly, continuing to shallow breathe into the chest area not realising that your diaphragm needs to move. We also walk incorrectly… walking heel first is doing us so much damage, we need to start walking on the balls of our feet. If I work on these and receive some emotional release trigger point therapy to throw my muscle memory of past experiences out the door, I’ll be on my way to self-confidence and achieving it all!

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