Day 1 & 2 Psychosomatics – Coming Home

I love psychosomatics! I could live and breathe this stuff for the rest of my life. Seriously… I could. Actually, let’s do one better than that – I will 🙂  It changes the perspective you take on yourself and the every day events in your life, from the smallest to the largest. I already feel like I’ve made a number of realisations about myself and it’s only been two days. My outlook on life couldn’t be better and that’s because I know I’ve come home.

They say your home is where your heart is. It’s kind of like that. I love this therapy so much that I feel that I’m home and comfortable with what it’s all about. It really fits. I find the links between the mind and body phenomenal, and I could listen to my teacher talk for hours. Not only am I learning about the therapy, but I am learning so much about myself.

Yesterday the class spoke a lot about how we all tend to hold on to things. However, sometimes the only way we can move forward is if we let go. Letting go can bring up emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or frustration. Pretty horrible feelings, so sometimes holding on feels like the easier way to put them to the side and move ahead. The only thing is that it will catch up with you eventually, it will rear its ugly head just when you thought you didn’t have to worry about it any more. I’m talking years or decades here – not just a few days, weeks or months.

Acknowledging you need to let something go is the first step. It can be harder than you think because the more you think about letting something go, the harder it can become because you are thinking about it all the time. What a quandary?! So to make a change, I’ve been experimenting with facing my fears, anger and sadness by just moving through it, rather than putting it to the side.

What does moving through it mean? It means not fighting to keep the emotion locked away. I’ve tried this a number of times and for me it’s worked wonders. I first start by really feeling the emotion, for example if I am upset I really let myself cry. I let it all come out. I cry until I have no tissues left and I’m onto toilet paper – what ever it takes until I have got it all out and I slowly calm down to a quiet place. Then I sit and reflect. I reflect on the situation, but mostly I try and figure out the true reason why I became so upset in the first place. Was it because of the event that just happened? Or was it actually something from many moons ago that I thought I could label as done and dusted? I start to deconstruct what has just happened and what ever pops into my mind first is usually the right answer. I’ve learnt to go with this and understand that I know more than I give myself credit for.

I know I’ve got the right answer when it feels right on the inside and the answer has come to mind easily. Sometimes it didn’t happen instantly. When I first started to try this it could be as long as a couple of days before the right answer would appear – usually in amongst daily activity when I wasn’t even really thinking about it (again!). But, I know once I feel I’ve got the right answer I am well on my way to letting that thing go.

I’m telling you – self awareness is the key! It’s good to be home…. 🙂

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