Toil and Trubble… or just Bubbles?

Tick tock, tick tock goes the work clock. I’m down to one more day at work. Yiiikarreddooe! From Monday I officially start my 12 month sabbatical. So how do I feel now? Well, I’m drinking a glass of wine looking up at the wall at my to-do-list. Hmmm… yes, looking at the wall… not do-ing anything.

It’s that first step, isn’t it. That first hard step to build momentum. Walking out on what feels like a narrow plank over what appears to be a feisty sea, but maybe in reality it’s just a bath full of luscious warm water and bubbles to soften an incidental fall. It’s all in your perception really isn’t it?

So I’ve decided to change the hard waves to soft bubbles. Already it feels so much nicer and encouraging. Hmmm (again)… I wish I had a bath. All I have is a shower. Not really the same but it will have to do.

My first passion is to immerse myself in is Psychosomatic Therapy. Welcome to the wonderful world of body mind analysis. Most people wouldn’t know that your body tells you so much about yourself, how you lead your life and present yourself to the world. Once you start exploring its so interesting to understand why you do the things you do, and why you may be held back from what you truly want to achieve. Not only that (yes there’s more!) you learn how to change it if you need too. Got you interested yet?

Over the next two weeks I will be working towards achieving a Cert IV in Psychosomatic Therapy. I completed the course earlier this year, which is the reason why I’ve decided to take the plunge and make life work for me rather than me work for life. The first time round I guess was to see what it was all about, this time round its for real. I won’t divulge too much just yet, as I will share with you my learnings from each day. The course is pretty intense and can be quite emotional too, so be ready for anything – I know I am!

So already my worry and uncertainty is turning into bubbles of exhilaration knowing that I am already on my way to immersing myself in what I love. I think I will sleep well tonight. Just one more sleep and then I’m off! 🙂

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