What’s The Plan Stan?

It was a wonderfully wet weekend, so I took the opportunity to plan. I grabbed some paper and pens, writing down all the bits and pieces flying around in my head. Finally I had them grouped and a list of what I needed to get stuck into first. It took ages! I’m now the proud owner of time schedules (complete with shiny stars) and to-do lists. But the one thing I forgot to plan for were the dips and trips that life presents us.

It got me thinking about the bigger plan. The big plan called life. How often have we felt we are on the right track and then all of a sudden something unexpected happens? That yellow brick road we’ve been skipping along suddenly disappears into a mist, splits in two or simply disappears.

I’m just about to jump on the road again at the end of this week, and already in the distance I can see a ‘Prepare to Stop’ hazard sign ahead. Way to go Mel!

So basically I have two options. The first option is to carry on down the road full speed ahead and hope that whatever is around the corner, I will just fly through so fast that no harm will be done. This is a risky option as there is always a chance that a disaster may happen and emergency services will be called in.

The second option would be to slow down – like the sign suggests (!). This would allow time for a risk assessment and preparation (can you tell I’ve been working in an office for years?). The thinking being to avoid an ugly scene, it’s good to have a couple of back up plans in place.

In the past I have no doubt opted for option one when approaching the ‘Prepare to Stop’ hazard sign. It sounds insane, but I think on those occasions I was so comfortably travelling along that I missed the sign completely. Before I knew it I was in a right mess. Eeeik! I did only get my driver’s license a couple of years ago…

If I am to learn from my mistakes, I would be foolish not to slow down and take stock of what is in my metaphoric car. Making sure I have ample food and supplies should I have to wait for a few hours…or days for that matter. Or to have a first aid kit, spare tyre, tools, a few litres of water and oil should the car require maintenance. Perhaps I should even stop in at the servo to get tune up before taking off next Monday.

Plan or no plan, you can never plan for everything – but you can be prepared. Sometimes you just need to trust that the yellow brick road is taking you to the right destination.

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