Let Your Passions Pop!

When we choose to follow our passions it can be hard for us to share them with others. Our passions are those that fall deep in our heart and get us up and moving in the morning. Disclosing your most inner passions to others is putting your heart on your sleeve. Exposing it to anyone and everyone that passes you by.

Some of us who lack self-assurance and confidence with our passions will walk stealthfully through crowds of people, seeking out those who will support and react positively to what we hold so close to our heart. We hope that these chosen people will help us with our self-assurance and confidence, confirming that we are on the right track.

Occasionally we will pick a wrong person to disclose our passions to. This happened to me recently and to put it bluntly – it felt shit! It felt like the heart on my sleeve had been smeared and smudged into a black mess. Within a matter of minutes my stomach sank, my face became hot and I was completely confused by what was happening. How could this friend of mine be putting me and my new exciting adventure in life down so quickly? Not expecting this, I quickly had to defend myself and what I believe in, which was a very uncomfortable experience.

The feeling of uncertainty sat with me all day. I kept thinking that I should have known better than to disclose my passions – I should have kept them to myself. To top it off I had to do a seven minute speech at Toastmasters that evening about one of my passions! I started to really doubt myself, my ability and most of all what I love. I had been practising my speech over and over, and all of a sudden I thought: ‘What the hell am I talking about… nobody will care!’

That night I went to my Toastmasters meeting and was glad to see that half the members couldn’t make it. At least I would only embarrass myself in front of about 12 people. As we worked our way through the agenda, the time for my speech came closer and closer. Then I was up.

I took a deep breath and just got into it. I knew the topic back to front and upside down. I believed in what I spoke about and for the first time ever I didn’t read from a page I just spoke referring to my dot points every now and then. Looking around at the faces, some looked at me intensely, some with smiles and other looked a bit disinterested and I couldn’t even catch their eye. Instinctively though I chose to look at those who were looking at me – particularly the ones who were smiling…. surely that means they are enjoying what I’m saying??

8 minutes and 25 seconds later, the speech was over and I sat down with relief. What did they think? Well what do you know, I got great feedback 🙂 In the break people were coming up to me and asking questions wanting to know more. The timekeeper told me she forgot to notify me of the time during my speech as she was so engrossed with what I was saying. However, the best feedback I had for the night was that my speech had been interesting and enjoyable for the audience because I was so clearly passionate about my topic.

Wow – what a turn around for the day! From a friend who I thought would support me smudging my passions out, to a room full of people I didn’t know that well, being really interested in what I had to say because I was passionate.

Keep your passions alive. Remove any negative comments you hear from your mind and move on. Tell as many people as you can about what you love and just stay quiet with the ones that don’t get it – it will leave more room for those that will 🙂

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