Bloggers Bludge

Arrrggghhh! So I’m already falling off the wagon. Back to the blog!

I used to do boxing. I loved it. I’d head down to the local PCYC for two or three classes a week at my peak. Punching bags, hitting that speed ball till I’m sure it would fly off its hook. Then there was the ring. Jumping in was a little daunting at first, but sparing with Patrick Moore the trainer was such a rush. The sound of my gloves hitting pads echoing through the hall and drops of sweat smashing the ground… if you ever need a stress release take up boxing!

Besides the fact that it was the best cardio exercise I’ve ever endured, I got more than I bargained for. I learnt that persistence pays off.

The first few times it took a lot of guts to go to class. I was out of shape and it was a mixed class with a lot of blokes that had clearly been boxing for years. However, I was determined not to let their hard looks and strutting around get the better of me. I wasn’t going to punch like a girl if it was the last thing I did!

Patrick, was great. He’d push us but make sure we learnt technique at the same time. He wasn’t interested in excuses and would let you know if you weren’t getting it. I still have his voice clear in my head yelling at me to give ‘10 more punches!‘. He used to also repeat over and over that ‘anything becomes a habit if you keep it up for six weeks’.

Six weeks ey…  I lasted three days blogging!

So tonight marks the beginning of a new six weeks. I forever have things to blog about in my head – I just have to do it. No excuses. Let’s get bloggin fit!

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