Possum Pep Talk

I sat down on the front porch this evening after my day at work, just breathing in the fresh air and contemplating my day. I was sitting in the dark which was a little unusual, but the moon was bright so I didn’t need to put the light on. I love looking out into the distance and feeling grateful for all that I have now and what tomorrow will bring. I pondered the miraculous, and how good advice can come when you least expect it. Usually when you need it the most.

I’ve often thought that I need to find a mentor who can guide me down the path to my reach my dreams. I’ve even searched on Google in the hope that someone would pop up and tell me instantly how to get there. But you know, mentors are all around…

I had an impromptu chat with my boss about what I’m about to embark on. I couldn’t give him a definitive answer, which I was embarrassed about. After a moment of feeling sweat particles increase under my arms and squirming in my chair, he didn’t show me a disapproving look or ask me how I could leave work without a plan. Instead he told me that he holds great respect for those that go and chase their dreams. He had his own successful business back in the day, and wished he had got out there earlier because as time ticked away he found he no longer had the energy to keep his business alive. His wise words were:

1) Plan from the finish and work backwards.
Visualise where you want to be in the next 3-5 years, then work backwards to set
the stepping stone goals to achievement. It was such good advice as I’ve been struggling to contextualise all my thoughts in an order of what to do first!

2) You can plan to your heart’s content but be ready to change them.
Things you thought were a sure thing may not be and those you thought were crazy
just might bring you success.

3) There is nothing wrong with failure.
Most people learn from their mistakes. He gave a friend of his some business advice
once but the friend didn’t take it – and sometime later his friend hit a bad patch. He could
have told him until he was blue in the face, but it wouldn’t have mattered… sometimes
you just have to learn for yourself.

4) If you have a good idea put it out there.
Letting people know what you can do and your ideas is important. It may not fit the
scenario at the time, but if the stars line up it can be amazing how quickly everything
falls into place.

That small 20 minute chat has done me wonders and I’m looking forward to some visualising over the weekend!

So as I sat on my front porch with sense of gratitude for everyone I know and the wise words that they have, I noticed a big possum walking on a powerline so gracefully one foot in front of the other. I was in awe of its balance – totally amazing. Then I noticed a little baby following right behind, trusting the older possum in front… just a little reminder from nature that even though you can feel vulnerable and could fall at any moment, there is always someone out there to guide you to the next fruit tree 🙂

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