Let Your Passions Pop!

When we choose to follow our passions it can be hard for us to share them with others. Our passions are those that fall deep in our heart and get us up and moving in the morning. Disclosing your most inner passions to others is putting your heart on your sleeve. Exposing it to anyone and everyone that passes you by. Continue reading

Please Raise Your Glass

I love to talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. I could do it all day. There is always something to talk about. Especially if you get me on a topic that I’m passionate about. However, it pains me to have all these great theories and ideas to share, but when facing a crowd I seize up and forget everything. Random words fall out of my mouth in an awkward octagon, causing my audience to give me looks of confusion and scratch their heads. I don’t think I’m as bad as Bridget Jones… but I’m not too far ahead of her either! Continue reading

Me, Myself and Meditation

Every day brings new challenges, and yesterday was no exception. For the first time ever I found myself running away from a place of tranquillity, peace and warmth. I couldn’t get away from that beautiful set out meditation room fast enough. I love meditating. I love floating out the door on what feels like the tips of my toes. I love freeing my mind from the build up of clutter and confusion. I love the quiet. Continue reading

The Itch

Itchy FeetI’m starting to itch. It’s not a flea itch or one of those deep ear canal itches. It has a slight feeling of a nervous itch, but only at times. It’s not an itch where it hurts but feels so good you can’t stop, and it’s definitely not a contagious itch. Thankfully it’s not one of those itches you can’t quiet reach or one that you can’t find the right spot. My friends… it is the frivolous itch of change. Continue reading

Bloggers Bludge

Arrrggghhh! So I’m already falling off the wagon. Back to the blog!

I used to do boxing. I loved it. I’d head down to the local PCYC for two or three classes a week at my peak. Punching bags, hitting that speed ball till I’m sure it would fly off its hook. Then there was the ring. Jumping in was a little daunting at first, but sparing with Patrick Moore the trainer was such a rush. The sound of my gloves hitting pads echoing through the hall and drops of sweat smashing the ground… Continue reading

Possum Pep Talk

I sat down on the front porch this evening after my day at work, just breathing in the fresh air and contemplating my day. I was sitting in the dark which was a little unusual, but the moon was bright so I didn’t need to put the light on. I love looking out into the distance and feeling grateful for all that I have now and what tomorrow will bring. I pondered the miraculous, and how good advice can come when you least expect it. Usually when you need it the most. Continue reading

Snowball Awareness

I have just had a realisation of a pattern I have been committing since my early 20’s – I work hard in a job and then after a while I become resentful of the place, wishing I had more in my life. I then start to explore my passions and have a million ideas of what I would like to do. There are so many ideas that I simply have no time to do them all because I have this damn job that takes up five days out of a seven day week. It doesn’t seem fair. Continue reading

Should I or Could I

Dirty DishesSomeone told me earlier this year that what used to work, will no longer be of use to us in 2012. Behaviours and old ideas that worked wonders are now out of date. I drew a comparison with new technology – new versions are continually being released and people camp out over night to buy them. If only we were all so enthusiastic and motivated to improve the awareness of our minds and body! Continue reading